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Interested in becoming  Studio 3 Barre Method



Interested in becoming a Barre Instructor or looking to gain a deeper understanding of Studio 3’s Barre Method?

Enroll in Studio 3’s Barre Instructor Course today! 100% Online!

  • Access your courses with a computer, tablet or smartphone

  • Videos and content designed for a proven learning experience

  • Take your course when you want and where you want

  • Earn CEC’s from major providers, including: ACE, AFAA & NASM

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Inside The Course

Our barre program combines the methodologies of Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga into one transformative program. Our technique is unique in that it is firmly rooted in classical ballet but adapted in a way to make the positioning and movements safe, effective, and accessible. Studio 3 barre classes consist of ballet-inspired movement sequences that work the body as a holistic unit. With the focus on improving alignment and teaching proper form, this low impact style of training is safe and accessible to a wide range of people.


Studio 3's Barre Instructor Course focuses on honing a deep and comprehensive understanding of the technique and methodology of our barre program. The most important takeaway from this course will be an understanding and ability to teach proper form in terms of how a position and movement looks and how the position and movement functions.

What’s Included?

  • Instant Access to Course Material

  • Studio 3 Barre Instructor Manual (you are able to download, save and/or print)

  • Example Playlists with Accompanying Class Plans

  • Online Quizzes and Exam

  • Certificate of Completion


Learning Modules:

  • Anatomy

  • Alignment and Posture

  • Ballet Positions and Terminology

  • Class Structure with Exercise Explanations and Video Demonstrations

  • Studio 3 Full Barre Class Video

  • Cueing, Correcting and Imagery

  • Music Selection

  • Special Care Towards Clients


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