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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Barre Class

50 min

Our Barre Method combines the methodologies of ballet, Pilates, and yoga into one ultra-effective lengthening and defining workout. STUDIO 3 is designed to work every part of your body through small, isometric movements that target and strengthen each muscle group. Get ready to smile and sweat in this challenging, body transforming class!


Gentle Barre Class

Gentle Barre
50 min

This ballet inspired class utilizes slower graceful movements to bring fluidity and length to the body. This class is ideal for seniors, beginners, or anyone looking to improve mobility, balance, and muscle tone.

Pilates Class

50 min

The core focus (no pun intended!) of our Mat Pilates classes is balancing and aligning your body by targeting the postural muscles, aligning the spine, and of course, strengthening the core! Featuring a wide range of exercises that flow seamlessly together, our Pilates classes improve your mind-body connection and provide a full body revitalizing workout. When done regularly, our Pilates classes can help stimulate weight loss, improve posture and alignment,  increase flexibility and muscle tone, and provide with an overall stronger, more vital physique.

Yoga Class

50 - 60 min

This mixed level yoga class is open to everyone. Focusing on breath, safe movements, lots of deep stretching, as well as muscle strengthening. Options will be given so you can take your practice to a level you are comfortable with, depending on your personal goals. This is a great class for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners.


Yogalates Class

50 min

Blending the best of yoga and pilates, this fusion class will give you the toning and strengthening benefits of pilates, with the stretching and flexibility focus of yoga. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. ​

Barre Stretch

Barre Stretch
50 min​

Barre Stretch is a 50-minute session beginning with a 30-minute full routine of our Barre Method following by 20 minutes of standing and seated stretching. To maximize muscle engagement and fully warm the body, the Barre work will feature utilization of light hand weights and cardio sequences. The stretching portion of the class will utilize breathe-focused dynamic stretching designed to lengthen and mobilize the body safely and effectively.

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